Latest US led coalition strike against Yemeni Houthis movement

“U.S. Central Command forces conducted a strike in self-defense against a Houthi anti-ship cruise missile prepared to launch against ships in the Red Sea. U.S. forces identified the cruise missile in Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen and determined it presented an imminent threat to U.S. Navy ships and merchant vessels in the region,” the US lastest strike targeting Houthis movement has nothing to do with a self defense, with the so called imminent threat to US navy ships and merchant vessels in the region. This statement is but a deception and mere lie as the Yemeni Houthis vowed to prevent only the passage in the Red Sea the ships and vessels loaded with of American missiles and ammunitions to its military base in the Middle East and to continue supplying the Israeli machine of war which is currently committing genocide and war crimes in Gaza killing about 30000 Palestinians without citing the huge material destruction inflicted to the civilian infrastructures. The latest strike has nothing to do with the protection of American interests as the three US hidden purposes are (1) the maintain of its political and economic hegemony in the Middle East region, (2) the continuing supply in weaponry and military equipment to its proxy state in this region, (3) the full control over the oil. Conversely, the launch of Russian military special operation in Ukraine in February 2022 can be called a preventive action aimed at preventing imminent threat to Russia and ultimately the destruction of the Russian federation comparable to the destruction of the Yugoslav federation as the United states and its European proxies have been in work to achieve their goal since the demise of the USSR. Otherwise how do we explain  NATO ‘s permanent expansion since the beginning of the 21th century whose member states passed from 16 in 2004 to 30 in the eve of the Russian military operation in 2022 plus two member states today ? Let us imagine a fictional scenario screening Russia had established 32 military bases in Cuba and near the borders of the US, what would be the reaction of the corrupt American political establishment ?