Insular Republic of Nauru to sever diplomatic relations with Taïwan

This is a geography and political lesson, broaden our knowledge, arousing our curiosity and informing that there are nation and state called NAURU island country located in Oceania, in the southwestern Pacific Ocean with population of 12 511 (2021), predominantly of Micronesian origin,  and area of 21 km², only 42 kilometres south of the equator and 4,000 kilometres northeast of Sydney. What is even more amazing the announcement made by the government as saying “The Government of the Republic of Nauru today announces that, in the best interests of the Republic and people of Nauru, we will be moving to the One-China Principle that is in line with UN Resolution 2758 which recognises the People’s Republic of China (PRC) as the sole legal Government representing the whole of China and seeking resumption of full diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China (PRC)” On the website of “Global times, one can read a Breaking news “ Nauru to sever “diplomatic relations” with TaIwan, government”, one can remark that the two words “diplomatic relations” put in inverted commas. That is China doesn’t take seriously this tiny insular state, as what matters to the popular Republic of China since Deng Tsiao Ping chairmanship who inserted China in the global capitalist market is the states with which on can make business as business as usual and that serve as opportunities for Chinese goods and investment in the infrastructure. Let us pray that Nauru Republic , this paradisiac Island,  stays away from the ravages of Chinese capitalism.