Ukraine’s new US colony

According to the director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence, the US   has already established in Ukraine new colonial administration including Ukrainian officials who were earlier trained in the West. In fact, it is not only Ukraine becoming US colony, to be correct, Kiev regime... [ Continue Reading ]

Centenario para Lenin, 21 enero 1924-21 enero 2024

21 enero1924, un centenario para Lenin ¿Cómo evocarlo? Una producción infinita. Pluma vibrante, aún en las condiciones más duras de expatriación o clandestinidad. Obras fundantes, artículos, cartas. Siempre polémico, siempre presente. De su autoría: “¿Qué hacer?”; “Dos tácticas de la socialdemocracia en la Revolución democrática”;... [ Continue Reading ]

War and Morality

At least 18 civilians have been killed and 13 more wounded as a result of a Ukrainian shelling of Donetsk on Sunday as Ukrainian armed forces shelled Donetsk region 43 times in the last 24 hours, firing 161 projectiles. It is not clear why Russia... [ Continue Reading ]

US secretary of war

The story of Austin’s hospitalization on January 1, the US secretary of so called defense, and the political media buzz that surrounds it, if it were not so tragic, it would be laughable. What it is more laughable, the American public must be kept informed... [ Continue Reading ]