Totalitarianism according to the CIA sponsored western intelligentsia (1)

Totalitarianism according to the CIA sponsored western intelligentsia(1)

After the failure of the First anti-Reds crusade waged by the western powers, the United States, Britain, France, helped by their fascist proxy states, during the Bolshevik revolution and the interwar years, began in the aftermath of the Second World War, a second anti-communist crusade, this time, an ideological struggle aiming at nudging “the intelligentsia of western Europe away from its lingering fascination with Marxism and Communism towards a view more accommodating of the “American way” ( Frances Stonor Saunders, who paid the piper ? the CIA and the cultural cold war, London, Granta Books, 2000, first edition, 1999, page 1). In order to wage its worldwide anti-communist crusade, or inversely, to, communism and its contagion of the elites in the West, and in the same time to promote and to accompany the spread of the newly pax America,   the incipient CIA started from 1947 by enlisting an army of mercenary of the thought ( writers, poets, artists,  historians, scientists, journalists) and by building up “highly influential network of intelligentsia personal, political strategies, the corporate establishment”, and  by stockpile of ” vast arsenal of cultural weapons : journals, books, conferences, seminars” (Ibid pp 1-2) The mercenaries of the thought recruited by the CIA had to wage a psychological war based on a broad campaign of persuasion, of a propaganda war  aiming at disseminating “information or  particular doctrine by means of news, special arguments or  appeals designed to influence the thoughts and actions of any given group” (Ibid p. 2)

the first step in this anti-communist crusade was to proceed to the demolition of the heroic and epic legend of the Russians, its leadership and its red Army which defeated at Stalingrad the German Juggernaut ending the dream of Hitler and his appeasers and supporters in Europe and in the United States to get rid of the Soviet Union and from communism. For tghus purpose, had been created both in the United States following the enunciation of the truamn doctrine, as specialized agency in the psychological warfare within the CIA and in Britain, the Information Research Department which had been set in February 1948 by Clement Atlee’s government whose mission was to attack communism and to “get rid of the Good Old Uncle Joe(Stalin) myth build up  during the war” (F. Stonor Saunders, ibid.pp 58-59) . In both sides of the Atlantic, had been recruited an army of intellectual workers working for the American and British governments  in their propaganda departments whose aim was to blacken the reputation of the Soviet union and the victor of barbaric Nazism, Stalin,  who after being a God in the past now became a pariah. In order to make more efficacious and percussive the anti Soviet and anti Stalin propaganda, the strategists in both the CIA and the IRD’s Psychological warfare department  had as target three kinds of recruit : the Trotskyists, the old communist renegades and members of the Non-Communist Left (NCL)