Comparative study : Nazi Germany and Soviet Union, why not Nazi Germany, the USA and Britian ?

Comparative study : Nazi Germany and Soviet Union, why not Nazi Germany, the USA  and Britain ?

At the end of the Second World War, began a second anti-communist crusade led by the new hegemonic power, the United States of America. the first anti-Bolshevik and anti-Soviet crusade waged by the United States and its European satellites had woefully failed. After the crushing Red Army epic and heroic resistance opposed in Stalingrad by the Russian people and its leadership at the price of millions of dead and huge destruction of the country, the Soviet Union emerged from the war as a rival superpower to Western hegemony, to the Jus Publicum europaeum, and to the American Century. Then began the Second Crusade, the ideological crusade against the Soviet Union, its political pattern and its leadership especially Stalin caricatured by the Black legend of Stalinism. This ideological crusade appeared through a Historical revisionism and historiography shaped in the likeness of American cultural, ideological and political imperialism in Europe and over the world. A lively historiography developed in the USA practised discriminative and ideological and Manichaean oversimplification of the historical picture. During this second anti-communist crusade, the appropriate weapon in the hands of American elites and western intelligentsia began a new and intense era of revisionism.

The striking example of this historical revisonim has been illustrated by the inculcation of Pavlov’s theory of conditioned reflexes associating falsely and wrongly, widespread by intense western propaganda, consisting of comparing political and ideological and economic  systems that all separated, mixing and putting in the same boat the racist Hitler and the anti racist  Stalin, the imperialist and expansionist Nazi Germany and fascist Italy with the anti-imperialist and ardent defender and the credo of the Bolsheviks and  Communist Russia, the defense of the colonized peoples victims over centuries of western imperialism over centuries.