What is Totalitarianism ?

What is totalitarianism ?

The first thing to do when we have to deal with the question of totaliatrianism is, as prealable, to  put aside all those received ideas, clicjés,  stereotypes and schèmes established and widespreaded in the aftermath of the Second Wordl War, by the paid and sposored CIA “authors of totaliatrianism” according to whom, totaliatrianism began with the nazi germany and the Stalinist Soviet Union  the first mistake committed by those paid   “the authors of totaliatrianism” is to spread the common schèmes of Democracy versus totaliatrianism and to oppose democratic governments to authoritarian and dictatorial governments.

In order to well understand the real meaning and the real nature of totaliatrianism, it is necessary to start with the term which was at the origin of the cocnept of totaliatrianism, the term of “total war” a term coined in teh 1920s and 1930s.