Western propaganda doesn’t recognize the existence of neo nazi groups nor nazi ideology that became since the coup d’etat of 2014 fomented by the West through its proxy and neo nazi stooges, throwing democratically elected president and neutralist Viktor Yanokuvich. Instead of Nazism or neo nazi militants, western propaganda has to resort to a euphemism by using nationalism and nationalists. A genuine nationalist is who refuses to align with one side against another one and in that regard,we can say without being fooled that the toppled president Yanukovich was a genuine nationalist as he refused to sign a leonine treaty of 500 pages with the European Union and the International Monetary fund seeking systematically to bleed the country. These were the real reasons behind the coup d’etat of 2014.


Since the 2014 regime-change in Ukraine,  Ukraine is ruled by U.S.-installed nazis; and they became immediately installed in the new government’s top ‘national security’ posts, and every elected leader in Ukraine now knows that to oppose their (those nazis’) demands would lead to the Ukrainian official’s overthrow and even to the person’s possible assassination by Ukraine’s nazi forces. The new regime installed in Kiev after 2914 was overtly neo nazi inspiration as the first measure implemented was to crush any dissent by prohibiting like Hitler regime after 1933, the Communist party and a dozen of opposition parties and then by fighting Russian speaking Ukrainians,those who massively voted for Yanukovich in the Donbass region and in North-eastern and south-eastern region. The Kiev regime started its pogrom on May 2,2014 in the trade Union House in Odessa where more than 52 people were burned alive.The responsable of the tragedy is Azov Battalion, a Neo-Nazi outfit which sports swastikas. They are fascists and murderers. And they have been integrated in Ukraine’s Armed Forces at the nod of the Pentagon.


The very nature of Kiev regime ideology may be seen through the UN resolutions condemning any sort of racism, including Nazism. The first such vote at the U.N. occurred just months after the regime-change in Ukraine, and was taken on 21 November 2014. Only 3 Countries, the US, Ukraine and Canada backed officially at U.N. Nazism & Holocaust-Denial; Germany Abstained After the 16 November 2017 U.S. backed once more Nazism as Trump Continued Obama’s nefarious Support of Nazism. The latest such vote occurred on 16 December 2021.


Current Russophobic hysteria speaks volumes about the dissemination and the widespread of Nazi ideology among Ukrainians as well among the country’s leadership as among the populace. The West was behind the nazification of Ukraine as many of its NGO and organizations invested Ukraine after the coup of 2014 brainwashing the Ukrainians and rewriting the history by glorifying nazi past represented by the infamous Ukrainian nazi, Stepen Bandera and minimizing or bluntly slashing the glorious Soviet victory over Nazism during the WWII where the URSS has paid costly price in terms of human losses and injuries estimated at 27 million people.


26 days ago, Russia launched special military operation with two main objectives: disarming and denazification of Ukraine. Belying western propaganda inventing fake resistance and fake heroes, the military objective was achieved as Ukraine main military infrastructure and equipment were destroyed. It remains the denazification whose stronghold in Mariupol is besieged but refuses to surrender which will be a matter of days. But Mariupol surrender is not all, and even with the fall of the next third city of Odessa will not give Russia full satisfaction as long as the puppet government originating in the coup d’etat of 2014 remains in position. To really denazify Ukraine, Russia has no choice but to change regime in kiev and to install new leadership vowed to pick up the pieces and to restart a long process that will take time and perseverance.