The West is waging ferocious and relentless psychological warfare since Russia’s military special operations in Ukraine, a campaign aiming at brainwashing the populations according to basic principles of Nazi minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels that played key role in the manufactured consent and the mobilisation of the Germans for war against Bolshevism, communism in general and the Soviet Union in particular.

One can observe that there are the same so called experts who appear in the MSM and they repeat invariably the same words and the same things about the conflict in Ukraine. Their basic strategy is the strategy of delusion and deception by hammering the same message home, parroting without checking out all the facts what they have heard and told by the experts of manipulation working within the PSYOP. For example, such so called experts try to convince themselves and the viewers through TV that Russian’s losses are too big to win the war and the Ukraine’s resistance is so strong that Russian invaders would be sonner or later be repealed and even Ukrainian fighters would reach Moscow.

From day one, Ukraine’s fate has been sealed. Russian’s special operations have been focused on the destruction of Ukrainian principal military locations and command centers. This is largely accomplished since the beginning.
Consequently, Putin’s military Blitzkrieg paved the way for the second objective, removal of criminal regime in Kiev and establishing Ukraine as fully neutral nation. This main political objective would be achieved through

1. Demilitarization of Ukraine, meaning destruction of Ukraine’s Armed Forces and her military-industrial complex;

2.Denazification is only partially met by means of physical annihilation of military arm of the Ukrainian Neo-Nazism, the police and state security. The imminent fall of Mariupol gives the final blow to the last neo nazi stronghold. The fall of Mariupol would allow the Russian to affect more forces for besieging Ukraine third city, Odessa.It is a matter of one or two weeks. During the WWII, France capitulated. Germany and Japan capitulated. Why not Ukraine ?