Of course, NATO is not engaged directly in Ukraine, it is arming Ukrainian Armed forces and training foreign mercenaries brought in the country to fight the «invaders», the so called «Putin’s army». But NATO’s non lethal weapon that annihilated Russia, is the infowar and the western unrivalled and unparalleled methods and techniques of propaganda that have been improved and developed thanks to the endless wars waged by the United States and its allies since the end of the WWII and chiefly since the demise of the USSR 30 years ago.


By listening to the western propaganda,especially during prime time,we have in the menu of TV news, the evil and crazy Putin, inefficiency and disorganized Russian army killing innocent civilian, sowing death and destruction in the besieged city of Mariupol, and but least not last, the heroic resistance of Ukrainian people who don’t hesitate to bear arms to fight the «Russky». Military high ranking, paid journalists list the Russian human and material losses presented in such a way obliging the viewers or the listeners to draw the inevitable and previsible conclusion that the Russian army has bogged down and even has lost the «war». This is psychological warfare waged by the West in order to hide its powerless and its incapacity to influence the course of events on the theatre of operations while in the past it was the west that commanded the course of events.

Over the past days, we are witnessing the latest hype of western propaganda fabricated by the US Pentagon according to which, Ukraine’s armed forces not only resist to the Russians advance but they take the initiative to contain and even to attack Russian armed forces.


Don’t be fooled by western narrative and its powerful psychological warfare. The Russian armed forces have achieved complete theatre control in many key areas, destroying the capacity of the Ukrainian armed forces to operate the types of major coordinated defensive and counter-offensive operations that would be necessary to reverse this fact. Even if major ground operations were successful, a large part of Ukraine’s heavy military equipment has been destroyed and the Russians will still have complete air superiority. The destruction of NATO tarining center in Ivarivo is an example of Russian control of Ukraine’s space.


Western media outlets harbour the illusions that the Russians can be defeated militarily and that NATO will protect and support them. Meanwhile, the longer and more intense the futile resistance of what remains of the Ukrainian armed forces goes on, the greater and more enduring the destruction and suffering will be. The only winner will be the United States and NATO , its military wing that caused the ongoing conflict with Russia and responsable for huge destruction and death in Ukraine.