Comparative Outlook on censorship

It is without doubt, censorship in the so called liberal democracy seems to be manifestly at odds with liberal tradition going back to bourgeois American and French revolutions(between 1776,1789) and to their Declarations of the rights of Man proclaiming the free speech and Freedom of thought, as two fondamental rights that must be protected by the State and inserted in the future constitutions.

One can remind free speech and freedom of thought were used by capitalist liberal “democracy” in general and the USA in the aftermath of the WWII, in the framework of Truman Doctrine in 1947 aiming at fighting communism all over the world in the name of “American way of life” as ideological weapon against the USSR and socialist bloc, equaling them, by Lockian association of ideas and Pavlovia, conditioned reflex, to dictatorship and synonymous with Goulag and persecution of dissidents.

In reply to western arguments on free speech and freedom of thought, Soviet and socialist propaganda argued that before allowing to express their thought, there are some basic needs to be meet and addressed, related to instinctive and biological priorities to be satisfied. The most urgent thing to do, the people must before and almost be feed, be housed and be given a work allowing them to live and to be educated. This objective must be reached thanks to what we can call the planification or planified economy. Once such basic needs being satisfied, the people can be allowed to express their thought.
This is the theory and is’t the place to go further, to discuss it and to refute it

the deep seated idea that in the capitalist West, there are frre speech and freedom of thought and after all opinion diversity in contrast to authoritarian and dictatorial communist model where there is but unique party propaganda is throughout cliches and stereotypes comparing the free speech and freedom of thought between capitalist and socialists models is totally biased by western propaganda propagating cliches and stereotypes among public opinions in the West.

It is true that the capitalist and liberal world, there are myriad of outlets, of “news”, of radio and TV networks, but to contrary to conventional wisdom, such proliferation of “news” outlets are controlled by handful of billionaires(15 in the USA and 9 in France). Those mainstream outlets play key role six months before each general election and especially presidential election in the election of the president, like FOX News in the election of Trump or BFMTV and Cnews in the election of an unknown and obscur candidate, Macron in France. Instead of having one Pravda before the sabotage of socialist system in the USSR, in the capitalist World, what the leverage man ignores, that there are myriad of PRAVDA, the mouthpiece of big capital. After all, contrary to misleading appearances, the free speech and freedom of thought are self delusion, on account of the fact the intellectual power in capitalist world is monopolized by big corporations controlling the people thanks to their holding their grip on mass media, edition, academic publication etc

The result of the control of intellectual power by the capital, supported by its subservient government, there is no alternative, the infamous Thatcher’s TINA, to current greed and deadly system as long as a handful of powerful corporations continue to dominate the whole intellectual sphere.
The advent of internet opened a breach and contributed of course to undermine in some extent the grip of corporations on the intellectual power but unfortunately it will not be suffisant to create a powerful and irresistible popular resistance so as to threaten so far the backgrounds of the system and to radically transform it into something new and totally different from the old one.

The current coronavirus crisis is the appropriate occasion to help tip the balance and accelerate the movement towards a new world and a new system getting rid of human enslavement and the man’s exploitation of man.