Following Russia’s special operations in Ukraine, NATO is using like in its previous wars in Yugoslavia and Libya, what we can call it,information bomb or non lethal weapons. NATO’s strategy of deception,propaganda and psychological warfare take root in Goebbels’s basic principles, propaganda minister for Hitler Third Reich. When reading these propaganda principles, keep in mind that they were applied in wartime (WWII) and involve issues that don’t arise otherwise. It’s a long list, but Goebbels was dealing with the complexity of an all-out war. While reading them you may realize that some of the principles are generally applicable and not limited to wartime. Some might be quite familiar today.


Those basic principles can be summarized as follow:

1 -Avoid abstract ideas – appeal to the emotions.

  • Constantly repeat just a few ideas.
  • Use stereotyped phrases.

4-Give only one side of the argument.

5-Continuously criticize your opponents.

6-Pick out one special “enemy” for special vilification.


The objectives to be achieved are :

  • Hide economic and strategic interests at stake
  • Obscure history of the conflict
  • Demonize and transform victim into aggressor
  • Monopolise the airwaves
  • Prevent debate and silencing dissent



  • The starting point of Putin’s decision is the coup carried out in 2014 followed with all those events in Crimea and in the south-east of Ukraine, in the Donbass, where people did not support the coup
  • The Kiev authorities began to conduct military operations on those territories. There were “two punitive operations” conducted, during which the squares of Donetsk were shelled directly, but both of those campaigns failed;

3-Afterwards, the Minsk Accords were signed, which showed a way to a peaceful resolution of the conflict. Russia was trying to make the process develop in this direction, in order to restore the territorial integrity of Ukraine and protect the interests of the people, who demanded most simple things: the right to speak their native Russian language and live within their own culture.

4- Instead, the Ukrainian authorities announced the blockade of these territories in response, disconnected them from the banking system, food supplies, pensions and benefits.


  • Since 2014, between 13,000 and 14,000 people were killed in the Donbas during the years of the conflict, while the civilized West preferred not to notice that.


7-the Kiev authorities started declaring bluntly that they were not going to comply with the Minsk agreements. On top of that, they were accusing Russia of unwillingness to implement the Minsk agreements..


8-Then they started talking about Ukraine’s possible membership at NATO. In this case, other members of the alliance will have to support the country, which could spark a war between Russia and all of NATO.


9-To crown it all, Ukraine raised the topic about a possibility to acquire nuclear weapons. They said that Ukraine would receive support from across the ocean.


And from that moment on, the fate of Russia will be completely different. Because then Russia’s strategic adversaries do not even need to have intercontinental-range ballistic missiles. They would be able to keep us at gunpoint with nuclear weapons right here, and that was all.


The two main objectives of Russia’s special operations in Ukraine are : Denazification and demilitarization as the two main conditions to address Russia’s security concerns.