Katyn massacre : Another piece of nazi and anti-communist propaganda

Katyn massacre : Another piece of Nazi and anti-communist propaganda

Katyn massacre, ostensibly evoked by all anti-communists and especially by the CIA sponsored “authors of totalitarianism”, forms a part of the black legend of Stalinism making up out of nothing at the end of the Second World War and within the framework of Western crusade against the Soviet Union and generally against the communism over the world. The story of Alleged Katyn massacre began when first it was reported in April 1940 by the master and organizer  of Nazi Propaganda Goebbels and his controlled press and radio. This announcement had been relayed by western sponsored London Polish Government affirming that the German claim was true. Goebbels and his Polish Puppet alleged that about 8500 officers disappeared after the Russian began to break-up three camps containing Polish prisoners of war.  At Katyn, only men from one of the three Russian prison camps were found. Opinion in the Allied world agreed that the Poles had fallen into a Nazi trap. the question to be put is who was guilty. and who did kill the Polish officers. In January 1944, The Russians appointed a commission and invited the foreign correspondents to visit the scene where several hundreds of the bodies had been exhumed.  Foreign visitors among them Miss Kathleen Harriman daughter of U.S Ambassador Harriman, contended that the good condition of the bodies, uniforms belts and buttons made it scientifically impossible for them to have been there since march 1940 that is before July 1941 when the Germans overran the Smolensk region. After examination of literature related to katyn massacre, it appeared that there was no direct or credible evidence of Russian guilt but the Germans would have a more powerful motive for the crime confirmed by one first hand testimony, a Hungarian Ludwig victor von Tohathy then prisoner of war in the Marine hospital on Ellis island New York. In his long affidavit, he counted his experience in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp and being able to speak Russian he learned from some Russian war prisoners that they had been forced to bury 10 000 Polish officers who had been machinegunned by the Germans. Though there had no positive evidence in the case one thing we way be certain neither the Russians nor the Germans would have been interested in the survival of this key group of nationalistic Poles. it was notorious that the mania of the Germans for exterminating Polish leaders was amply demonstrated throughout the German occupation.