Tools of totalitarianism : domesticating and manipulating the masses

Tools of totalitarianism : domesticating and manipulating the masses

The rising of the masses began in teh eighteenth century and played a key role during the two révolutions, American and French révolutions. Historical research reveraled the active participation of the masses in the success of american and french revolutionaries by overthrowing the English rule in teh America and the ancien régime in France. the main surveys made those who had studied the social and political dynamic of the French revolution  designate thiose who played a key role in the overthrowing of teh monarchy  by difefrent terms such as Mathiez ‘s enragés”, Guerin’s  “bras-nus” a term coined initially  by  Michelet, Albert Soboul’s Sans culottes’s, Rudés “menu peuple”, Richard Cobb’s “armées révolutionnaires”  All these terms have been coined in order to designate the revolutionary crowds emerged during the french revolution, the lower starta of the urban populace to be distinguised from the poorer elements of the rural popualtion.