Ukraine’s proxy war : Origins and development of imperialist war explained by Historian Annie Lacroix Riz

On February 24,2022, Russia launched special military operation aimed at De-militarization and De-nazification of Ukraine. Russia blames the West for provoking a coup d’etat in 2014 which has overthrown democratically elected president Yanukovitch by color revolution led by nazi militants. The new regime has been installed thanks to the support of the USA, namely by Victoria Nuland and the European Union. Considering the new regime set up in Kiev as a western puppet, the Russian speaking populations in Donbass snubbed the new authorities and decided to take in hand their destiny by setting up independent administrations. It was the beginning of civil war that lasted eight years killing 15000 civilians.

The question that begs : why Ukraine? What are its core causes ? The answer is giving by leading French historian Annie Lacroix Riz explaining the origins and development of the ongoing conflict between Russia and the West.